32 Comely Bank, Edinburgh
In response to our client's brief for a large, open plan space for their family to cook, eat and live in we have linked the existing kitchen and dining room together and extended out into the single storey service off-shoot at the rear of the property.

As the back garden is on the north side of the house, we identified that the only opportunity to collect direct sunlight was from the west during the late afternoon and evening providing the warm hues of the setting sun. This generated the large rooflight projecting from the sloping off-shoot roof. The rooflight is aligned axially on a 5 section sliding folding door that extends the living space out onto a paved terrace that in turn is separated from the main, raised garden by a series of stepping stone through a river pebble bed. The internal floor finish extends out onto the terrace and with coordinated lighting, allows the internal and external spaces to be joined together to form a single, large entertaining space.

The project also incorporates the day to day activities of the house including laundry room, cloakroom and study space all tightly planned into the end of the service outshoot with the study creating a transparent end to the room allowing a glimpsed view out to the garden.