194 Whitehouse Road
Our client's brief was to form a southwest facing living space that provided a connection with the garden from their Arts and Crafts house – a connection that was previously missing. The extension is an asymmetric composition of interlocking planes that allow natural daylight to penetrate into the space at different times of the day creating an animated yet peaceful interior.

The multi-level roof structure is formed in Scottish C16 Nail-Lam solid timber panels left exposed on the inside. Nail-lam is a very efficient method of optimally using the bending and shear strength of low grade, inexpensive timber to span long distances with minimal depth. Nail-Lam is the lowest embodied energy, solid timber construction panel available in Britain.

This project is the first commercial application of Nail-Lam and demonstrates how low grade Scottish timber can, through intelligent application, be engineered to add value to a Scottish resource and support our rural communities.

Awards: Finalist – Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards 2014 in Small Projects and Wood Awards categories.